What do Animal Scientists do?

Conduct research in the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development of domestic farm animals.

  • Communicate research findings to the scientific community, producers, and the public.
  • Study effects of management practices, processing methods, feed, or environmental conditions on quality and quantity of animal products, such as eggs and milk.
  • Conduct research concerning animal nutrition, breeding, or management to improve products or processes.
  • Study nutritional requirements of animals and nutritive values of animal feed materials.
  • Advise producers about improved products and techniques that could enhance their animal production efforts.
  • Research and control animal selection and breeding practices to increase production efficiency and improve animal quality.
  • Develop improved practices in feeding, housing, sanitation, or parasite and disease control of animals.
  • Crossbreed animals with existing strains or cross strains to obtain new combinations of desirable characteristics.
  • Determine genetic composition of animal populations and heritability of traits, utilizing principles of genetics.

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Necessary Skills

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Science
  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Speaking

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